Pierre Pradier and the New Horizons Global Partners: History of one of the most important companies in Asia


Pierre Pradier is the co-founder and head of the corporate strategy of New Horizons Global Partners, a business services and human resources company that helps businesses expand into the Asian region.

In a recent interview, Pierre spoke about the mission of the global partner of New Horizons and said that it is the professional organization of the main employers (PEO), with a primary focus on Asia. Help foreign companies access China and other major markets such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea.

New Horizons Global Partner is not the only company that helps businesses in Asia.

It also provides a dedicated account manager for each company to improve communication and establish a meaningful relationship with its customers. This attention to detail for Pierre is the main reason that distinguishes them from other companies in the industry that often neglect or fail to listen to the specific needs of each customer. In addition, New Horizons global partners deal with acting as a resource through an organization to increase the extended cohesion for strategic plans